Reasons Weatherization is Important for Your Home

Reasons Weatherization is Important for Your Home

Energy costs continue to rise and, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, it’s expected consumers will spend more on home heating this winter compared with the past several winters. Estimates suggest you’ll pay 30% more than last winter if natural gas is used to heat your home, 41% more with electricity, 54% more with propane, and 43% more if oil is used. To reduce your energy bill, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends performing weatherization.

What is Weatherization?

If you’re wondering what weatherization is, it’s a whole-house approach to conserving energy and reducing energy waste. Initiatives in weatherization include insulation, air sealing, ventilation, and moisture control. Performing weatherization can save you, on average, between 20% and 30% on your utility bills. The energy savings are significant, especially if you live in a colder region.

To see where your home’s weaknesses are, you can have a home energy audit performed. VHI has a professional team that is equipped to carefully examine your home and pinpoint any problem areas where heat is escaping.

Benefits of Weatherization

Energy costs continue to rise and if your home isn’t weatherized, you could literally be letting money blow out the window every month. Saving money is a good reason why you should have weatherization done. However, there are lots of other great benefits you can obtain as well.

  • Improve your home value. Energy efficiency makes your home more appealing if you decide to place your property on the market – today’s buyers are very interested in saving energy and living a greener lifestyle.
  • Enjoy better sleep. Research suggests people who live in weatherized homes experience fewer sleep disruptions – this makes you healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.
  • Stay warmer. Weatherized homes mean no more chilly drafts – you can move about your home without feeling you need to kick up the thermostat because rooms are cold.
  • Better for the Earth. The less energy wasted, the kinder you are to our planet.

Weatherization is a winning concept on so many levels, there truly is no downside. Insulating your home and sealing up any cracks also just makes life so much more comfortable.

Schedule a No-Cost Assessment With a Weatherization Specialist Today

Valley Home Insulation is a Mass Save Contractor and can provide you with weatherization services to help reduce your energy bill and put money back into your pocket, including a 75% instant rebate. Contact us today to find out more about our services or to schedule your free home energy assessment! You can reach us at (978) 984-7338.


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