Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

Is Your Home Properly Insulated

When you moved into your house, you likely assumed that the insulation was fine. In fact, if it was new when you bought it, the insulation was probably great, at least according to the standards of the day. However, if your house is now many years old, it’s possible that the original insulation is no longer all that good at doing its job.

There are several reasons that old insulation stops working well, or in some cases, was never as good as it could have been. Sometimes, the cause is simple: An inadequate type of insulation may have been used in order to keep costs down, or simply because older building codes didn’t require anything better. Another simple reason for poor insulation is improper installation, whether by a do-it-yourselfer or an inferior contractor.

At other times, the cause of inadequate insulation is more complex. Damage from rodents, water leaks, or other such causes may not be immediately visible or may take years to make itself known.

Humans are another cause of insulation damage. When people open up a wall to fix electrical wiring or plumbing, they may take out the insulation in the project area for better access to the target parts. If the insulation isn’t replaced, that area of the wall will no longer have protection against outside temperatures.

How Can You Tell if it’s Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation?

If your insulation is inadequate, the problem can show itself in several ways. A serious deficiency will cause your walls to have temperatures similar to the outdoors, which you can usually feel with your hand.

You may also find condensation on some walls when it’s cold outside, have heating or cooling bills that are clearly higher than they are for similar homes, feel drafts, or you see that the snow is melting off of your roof while the weather is still cold.

Sometimes, the signs start off more subtly. You may notice that your furnace or air conditioner seem to be running more often, or that it’s a bit less comfortable to sit near your window. Then, it can take some checking to determine the source of the problem. If you find that your HVAC system has no issues of its own, and that your windows are properly caulked, it’s time to check the insulation. You’ll likely find that it is the source of the unwanted changes.

If you’d like to have your insulation inspected or upgraded, contact us here at Valley Home Insulation in Lawrence, MA. We specialize in home insulation for walls, attics, and other spaces. If your home also needs sealing for cracks and gaps, we can take care of that, too. Contact us today to bring your home’s insulation up to current code specifications and enjoy a more comfortable living environment!


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