Why Mid-Spring is the Perfect Time to Schedule a Home Insulation Upgrade

Why Mid-Spring is the Perfect Time to Schedule a Home Insulation Upgrade

Many people only think about their home insulation when it does not seem to be working. Think about the dead of winter when it is hard to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home. Or, when summertime utility bills skyrocket due to the Massachusetts heat and humidity.

In reality, there are three very good reasons mid-spring is the perfect time to schedule a home insulation upgrade. Keep reading to learn more.

Mid-spring is the perfect time to schedule a home insulation upgrade

Three reasons you may want to schedule a home insulation inspection right away are:

  • You want to manage indoor humidity levels
  • You want to improve energy efficiency to reduce high heating and cooling bills
  • You want to improve your health and comfort

Let’s talk about humidity control first.

Controlling indoor humidity equals better temperature control and prevents structural damage

Having the right type of insulation and the right amount of insulation in your home provides better temperature control. This is because indoor relative humidity acts much like humidity outdoors which affects how hot or cold the temperature feels. High humidity makes it feel like the room air is hotter or cooler than it actually is.

Insulation in walls and attic spaces, especially insulation that has vapor diffusion retardant capabilities, reduces humidity that promotes moisture build-up in your home by decreasing heat transfer. That means that heat does not as easily pass through your walls, roof, and other insulated areas.

When less moisture and condensation build-up indoors, your risk of developing harmful mold, rot, and mildew colonies also goes down. This protects your home from structural damage that can be very costly to repair.

Improving energy efficiency means you save money on summer cooling bills

According to EnergyStar.gov, sealing air leaks around your home and updating insulation as needed could help you save up to 10% on your yearly energy bills. If your insulation project includes crawlspaces and basements, you could boost the savings to approximately 15% annually. That means you’ll spend less each month and get more temperature control!

Enhancing comfort by preventing conditioned air from escaping through walls and attics has many benefits

Reducing heat transfer keeps hot summer air from coming into your home and heated air from escaping your home during winter. However, there are many other beneficial ways that the proper insulation application improves comfort.

Did you know that insulation reduces noise transfer? Less road traffic noise could lead to a better night’s sleep. And, insulation provides a barrier that blocks insects, dust, and pollen from entering your home. This barrier reduces allergy flares and odors caused by pests.

As a Massachusetts home performance contractor, Valley Home Insulation delivers residential insulation and weatherization services to homes across Massachusetts. If your utility bills are higher than you’d like or you’re experiencing way too many allergy flares, call us at (978) 984-7338 or by filling out our no-obligation form. We’ll listen to your concerns and help you create an insulation plan customized to your unique needs.


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