4 Ways Homeowners Benefit from Proper Home Insulation

4 Ways Homeowners Benefit from Proper Home Insulation

Most people bolster their home insulation with the goal of increasing energy efficiency, eliminating waste, and bringing down monthly costs. However, did you know you could enjoy several other great benefits when you install new or upgrade your existing insulation? Here are four surprising additional ways you can benefit from better insulation.

1. Provides Better Comfort

Insulation eliminates drafts to ensure excess air doesn’t seep in and out of vulnerable areas. This means your home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer as it should. No more worries about relying on extra clothing, fans, blankets, or other “band-aid” remedies to maintain room temperature comfort in different seasons.

2. Eliminates Excess Moisture

Investing in insulation goes a long way toward reducing the likelihood of water and mold issues surfacing. Homeowners with poorly insulated houses often find condensation on their window frames and in other areas of the home that are vulnerable or prone to moisture, such as basements and attics. Insulation all but eliminates this problem because it helps keep the temperature in rooms a lot more consistent. Mold can be a costly problem to fix and some kinds are very harmful to the health of people living in your house.

3. Increases Property/Resale Value

Insulation helps decrease energy costs and boosts efficiency, which translates to better value. In today’s world, people seek a greener lifestyle and are willing to pay more for homes that help them achieve these goals.

For instance, 63% of millennials indicate sustainability is a primary factor when making purchase decisions, and 73% are willing to spend more to obtain it. This trend also translates into housing, where real estate agents are seeing a huge uptick for homes with green features or built with sustainability in mind. Even better is you’ll get a relatively fast ROI on your purchase.

4. Creates a Sound Barrier

Insulation can serve as a barrier for both interior and exterior noises because it partially helps absorb sounds to help make individual rooms quieter spaces. Essentially, insulation creates natural sound barriers because noise travels similarly to how air flows through cracks and crevices.

Quieter rooms translate into a more restful and relaxing home environment for you and your loved ones. Think of noises such as dogs barking, traffic, snoring, music, and other sounds that insulation can help muffle. Insulation won’t make sounds totally disappear, but it can have a strong impact on your daily life.

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The best way to find out if your current insulation situation could use a makeover is to speak to the experts. If you’re looking for an experienced insulation team, Valley Home Insulation can come by and provide you with a no-cost home assessment. We’ll evaluate your existing insulation to see if you’d benefit from better home insulation. Contact us today to find out more about our services – we’re happy to answer any questions you have!


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