How to Determine How Much Attic Insulation You Need


Did you know that 90 percent of American homes do not have enough insulation? The Insulation Institute reported this surprising figure recently on its website. The main reason for the under-insulation of American homes is that homeowners are not sure how much insulation they need.

How to Know if Your Attic Currently Has Enough Insulation

Since most homeowners do not have the training to measure attic insulation correctly, we recommend that you call to request an installer from Valley Home Insulation to inspect your attic. The first thing we look at is the condition of the insulation already installed in your attic.

Issues such as loose fibers, discoloration, and granules within the insulation indicate that your attic insulation is aged and probably not performing as well as it should. Our crew is available to tear out the old insulation and install something newer and more efficient.

If the condition of your existing insulation is good, but you need more of it, we will recommend an R-value based on the typical climate in your area. The age of your home also plays a major role in our recommendation. Most homes greater than 10 years old do not contain enough insulation and could benefit from adding more.

Massachusetts Homes Are in Zone 5 for Insulation Purposes

The United States Department of Energy (DOE), acting on input from the International Energy Conservation Code, divides the country into eight zones based on climate. Massachusetts is part of Zone 5 which extends as far west as Washington but excludes portions of the northern states above it.

The DOE recommends that homes in Zone 5 have attic insulation at an R49 to R60 value for a new, uninsulated attic. When adding new insulation to existing insulation, the recommendation changes to a value of R38 to R49 for every three to four inches of insulation currently installed. You are missing out on some important benefits if you do not have at least these levels of insulation in your attic.

Benefits of Attic Insulation

For most homeowners, the level of comfort their attic insulation brings is the most important factor. They want to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Poorly insulated homes also cost more to maintain because they literally leak energy. According to the federal Energy Star program, the typical homeowner saves up to 15 percent each year by ensuring enough insulation in their attic.

One benefit that homeowners often overlook is the soundproofing capabilities of attic insulation. Today’s homes are noisier than ever, with high ceilings, hardwood floors, and technology that produces loud noise while in use. Insulating the attic helps to balance these sounds and prevent them from becoming overwhelming. A properly insulated attic can even reduce the decibel level of outdoor sounds.

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