5 Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation

5 Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation

Insulation keeps heat in during the winter and coolness in during the summer. Not all homes are built with good insulation in place, though, and some insulation deteriorates over time. If you have a home with any of these five signs, your home likely needs some new insulation.

1. Old Home Without Updates

Today’s advanced insulations are relatively new, and they simply weren’t available a few decades (or a century) ago. If you live in an older home that’s not been significantly updated, chances are the insulation is outdated. It also might have been damaged by time, mice, water or other factors — they’re all common in older homes.

Installing new insulation throughout an older house can help with heating and cooling, and it’s more feasible than you might think. Insulation can often be blown or sprayed into walls, so you don’t have to tear all of the sheetrock or wood paneling down.

2. Draft Areas in the Home

Drafts are a clear sign that air is flowing freely into your home from the outside, and any drafts tend to be uncomfortable as they bring in colder air. They also counter any heat that’s running in the home.

Drafts may be caused by poor insulation around doors and windows, or by poor insulation in floors, ceilings and walls. The proper remedy depends on the source of your draft.

3. Smell Mice in the Walls

As mentioned, mice can damage insulation if they get into the walls. They’ll chew through insulation, smush some types and clear spaces for nests. Mice-caused insulation damage is most common in older homes, but it’ll be a problem anywhere that mice are in the walls.

The first step to address a mice-related issue is to remove the mice, and you generally don’t want to use poison because they can then die in the walls where they live. After you or an exterminator eliminates the mice, the damaged insulation can be replaced.

4. Higher Utility Bills

High heating and cooling bills can be caused by several different issues, such as an older furnace/air conditioner, kids who leave windows open, and unusually cold or hot weather. Damaged insulation can also be a cause.

If you’ve ruled out other possible causes of higher utility bills, have the insulation checked. It very well could be damaged and letting air through.

5. Conduct an Energy Audit

One of the surest ways to know where additional insulation would be most beneficial is to get an energy audit. An energy auditor will examine your entire house to determine where unwanted heat exchange is occurring, and they can show you a map-like image of the structure. They’ll also explain what insulation would be helpful and how much benefit it could have.

Get an Energy Audit to Confirm Your Suspicions

If you notice any of these signs, have an energy audit conducted for your home. Contact us at Valley Home Insulation to schedule a free, no-obligation energy assessment.


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